ALFRED at the DGG Congress Frankfurt


The ALFRED project had the opportunity to present the results from the first prototype evaluation at the Annual Congress of the German Geriatrics Society in Frankurt, Germany (3rd-5th of September 2015).  The scientific congress of the DGG is annually established in September / October. The German Geriatrics Society pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. It promotes and coordinates research, practice and teaching in geriatrics and the development and dissemination of new concepts and strategies (e.g., Geriatric Assessment, Outpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation, thinking and acting in close cooperation with stationary-ambulatory, integrated models). Furthermore the DGG aims to sensitize the German Society for Geriatric Medicine Physicians in all relevant medical geriatric fields, particularly young doctors. The promotion of geriatric commitment of medical students is a major concern of the DGG. The DGG works with domestic and foreign professional associations, which are related to geriatrics and strives to intensify this cooperation steadily. Likewise, the DGG is committed in the planning and implementation of geriatric structures in occupational, health and social environment.