ALFRED represented in a AAL Forum 2015 Workshop, Ghent Belgium

ALFRED represented in a AAL Forum 2015 Workshop ” Requirements meet solution – How to successfully transfer stakeholder needs in AAL projects”. E-Seniors, an end-user partners of the ALFRED project, co-hosted this interactive session with the aim to discuss how the challenges related to the successful implemented and communication of user requirements can be met best for the benefit of the future users. The key- note presentations addressed the following questions:

  • How to deal with multidisciplinarity in project teams?
  • What are useful methods for communicating user requirements? Examples from the ALFRED project were used to illustrated better these methods.
  • How to ensure the implementation of user requirements in the development process?
  • What can we learn from failures regarding the communication and implementation of user requirements?

After these presentations, four discussion groups aimed to find helpful ideas for the questions.  The workshop participants were involved actively in the session, which made the discussion fruitful. A conclusion paper of the workshop is to be published  on the workshop’s website.


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