IESE Business School

IESE Business School, of the University of Navarra, is dedicated to the training of professional managers in its campuses in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain). IESE deploys the widest range of professional and training capacities in all managerial aspects related to corporate profit and non-profit organisations, being at the vanguard of innovative management in business and public administration. Health care is one of the focused industries where IESE is seeking a transformational impact through managerial capacity building and the development of applied research. The 2011 created Centre for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) is supporting this goal. One of the research studies currently being carried out by CRHIM aims to provide a better understanding of the impact of innovation on health systems and health care. The study will define a conceptual framework, identifying the aspects and dimensions of impact of managerial and process innovations on health care and systems.


The proposed project fits well into IESE’s on-going research into Public Health and Health Systems in Europe, capacity development, knowledge management, and innovation management, especially into the work of its newly created CRHIM. IESE also actively works on global health issues with the Brooking Institutions, the World Bank, Global Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.