TIE Nederland B.V.

TIE is an international software company, established in 1987 and focused on information Interoperability. TIE enables organisations to exchange information electronically and to lower costs by synchronizing their data and processes with their partners in the knowledge Chain. TIE plays a major role in interoperability standardization and has years of experience providing TIE customers with the benefit of solid, future-proof products. TIE is a Public Company with thousands of customers across all major industry sectors. TIE has offices in the USA, Netherlands, France, UK and Australia and is represented across EU, Latin America and Asia. TIE is focused on the domains of Content Syndication, Information Integration, and eCommerce.


TIE has been/is active in several EU projects including STASIS, SOA4all, NEXOF-RA, INTUITEL, ADVENTURE, PREMANUS, SIMPLIC-CITY and ARUM. It is also active in ITEA2 (CREATE) and EUROSTARS (OPDM) as well as at the national level. TIE is also versed in managing large international projects both commercially (From Development to Services) and within the RTD environment scoring excellent results with the managed STASIS RTD project as well as managing WPs, Milestones, Tasks, Deliverable in multiple projects.


It also has long experience with some ALFREDs core functionality especially regarding Business Intelligence (Analysis), Content Syndication (Market) as well as eCommerce (Sell) and Integration (Deliver).